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Herbal Massage Oil


A lovely blend of five essential oils in a light carrier oil. Great for joint and muscle pains and strains.
Gently massage into the affected area.

50ml bottle.

Key ingredients:
- Rosemary Oil (Rosmarius Officinalis) which stimulates circulation making it a good rub for painful joints.
- Black Pepper Oil (Piper Nigrum) which is stimulating and warming.
- Eucalyptus Oil(Eucalyptus Globulus) which helps relieve congestion and colds.
- Frankinscense (Boswellia Thurifera) which possess anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory properties.
- Sweet Marjoram Oil (Origanum Marjorana) which is warming and analgesic, and therefore good for muscle spasms, rheumatic pains, sprains and strains.





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